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September 1, 2017

Simply Stated

"Take Me to Your Leader"
The movie, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," turned 40 this year! Blown away that it's been that long, I started thinking about how this movie changed the film industry's portrayal of the human and alien relationship.  It sparked a series of movies and television shows with underlying themes of simple understanding, connection, and communication. ("Mork & Mindy" from the 80's, and "3rd Rock from the Sun" in the 90's, for examples.)

For years as a CSI member and chapter leader, I (as many of you have) promoted communication among the owner, design, supplier, and contractor teams, to improve the project delivery process. It seemed simple enough; take CSI's mission, and carry it to our local design and construction community, using the resources of our local chapter.  Enter the "alien" Region. The Region always seemed unworldly to me. As many still do, I mistakenly thought the purpose Region was a go-between, between CSI Institute and the local chapters.  I'm not a fan of middlemen, so admittedly, I dismissed the Region accordingly.  One day, while I was serving as my Chapter's certification chair, NCR's certification chair contacted me personally to offer support… and then asked if I had any advice that could be passed on to other chapters' certification chairs. It was a personal touch that I thought was nice at the time, but it wasn't until I attended my first region conference that it became clear to me.  The purpose of the Region is to support the Chapters' leadership, and members of the region who aren't affiliated with a chapter.  The Region is not a go-between, and does not report back to the Institute.

I have two goals for this fiscal year. One is to support the leaders of the North Central Region in their efforts to connect chapters' leadership.  The second is for NCR to be a resource for all members of the region, whether or not affiliated with a particular chapter, to locate chapter events and opportunities to network throughout the region.

I want our Region to connect with you personally, as it has with me, and to be a catalyst for communication, connection, and understanding, among our chapters and members. Hopefully, NCR will become a little less "alien" to you too.

Region President Andrea Zawodny
     ●  Kansas City Chapter
     ●  HOK
      (816) 472-2125,

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